What makes our product versatile?

One powerful solution, countless applications. From hospitals to data centers, our tech tackles humidity and energy woes, ensuring comfort, safety, and optimal performance across industries. Whether fresh air matters or precision controls reign, we breathe life into efficiency.

IAPC Units for Efficient Data Centre Operation

In data centres, our IAPC units go beyond cost reduction, providing dual benefits of efficient energy management and effective humidity control. These units, akin to standard ACs, maintain optimal temperature, safeguarding against equipment damage and ensuring consistent performance, addressing critical concerns in the data centre environment.

IAPC Units for Climate-Controlled Warehousing

Our IAPC units offer an effective alternative for warehouses in tropical regions like Mumbai and Chennai, where conventional cooling methods face limitations. Addressing the need to lower energy consumption, these units provide reliable and energy-efficient solutions, standing out as ideal for reducing costs in comparison to conventional vapour compression systems with higher power demand.

Precision Solutions for Industrial Excellence

Our product is a cornerstone for industrial production, ensuring meticulous control over temperature and humidity in diverse sectors like food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and batteries. Beyond precise control, it acts as a robust tool, enhancing production quality, reducing energy costs, and minimising the carbon footprint. This comprehensive and sustainable solution fosters operational efficiency in industrial settings.

Innovative Solutions for High-Density Environments

Redefining fresh air supply, balancing IAQ and energy efficiency from high occupancy spaces to critical zones, ensuring safe and healthy environments. Our ALDD and IAPC units play a pivotal role in enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ) and managing energy costs in high-density environments like offices, hotels, and hospitals. Specifically tailored for critical zones in healthcare settings, our innovative solutions ensure strict adherence to no air recirculation, safeguarding optimal IAQ and preventing pathogen growth.


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