About Us

Experience the future of thermal engineering

Our sustainable solutions for air conditioning and dehumidification set new standards for efficiency, reliability, and environmental impact.

In 2021, Albatross Energetics was born from the dreams of a passionate group of engineers on a mission to revolutionise energy-efficient cooling solutions. With the backing of prestigious government grants from DST and DBT, Government of India, our dream received the ultimate green light at the starting line.

Our journey accelerated during our time at SINE, IIT Bombay, where theoretical brilliance met practical execution. Supported by valued partners like Social Alpha and VIT TBI, our dream transformed into a tangible reality. 

In the HVACR industry, we discovered immense opportunities and the potential for groundbreaking disruption. The more we delved into it, the more our passion for the game grew. At Albatross Energetics, HVACR isn't just a mouthful, it's our heartbeat. We're not about grand gestures, we're quietly reshaping global engineering. Care to join us on this cool journey, where subtle innovation and conquering challenging problems define the rules of the game?
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Meet The Team

Harish S
Head Research
Srihari B
Founder & CTO
Sudarsan M S
Founder & CEO
Akash Sonawane
Production Engineer
Vedant Deshpande
Product Associate

Our Core Values


Constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in engineering.


Striving for energy-efficient solutions in every aspect of our work.


Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth.


Committed to building a sustainable future through responsible engineering.


Building trust through consistent and dependable performance.


Architects of the future, anticipating and shaping trends.

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